Brite Star Promotions

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                                    Jason Hawes 

                            Steve Gonslaves

                                 Dave Tango

                 Samantha Hawes 

                   Shari DeBenedetti

                                     Patrick Doyle 

                         Chris Smith


                        Scott Porter




               Brannon Smith


                     Mike Gonclaves 

                                  Aiden Sinclair

                         Rex Williams 

                      Steve DiSchiavi

                                  Kevin Betzer

                                   Randy Hardy 

                               Tim Weisberg 

                             Stephanie Burke

Stephanie Burke has been very intuitive since she was a young child, having the gift passed down from previous generations. She has been able to see, hear, feel, and communicate with the other side for as long as she can remember. Having this gift, and growing up in a spiritually active historical home, she thought being surrounded by such energies was in fact normal. Because of this, she developed a love and curiosity for the paranormal and explores it any chance she gets. One of her favorite aspects of exploring the paranormal is uncovering the mystery behind the history! Stephanie now uses this gift to help others understand that death doesn’t mean the end, but rather a beginning to a new chapter. Our loved ones never truly leave us, and she loves giving people the opportunity to reconnect with their loved ones in spirit. Stephanie has had the opportunity to help families, historical societies, corporations, authors, and television shows with her gifts. Along with her mediumship, she’s been practicing Reiki for nearly 10 years. Helping others heal, relax, and regain balance to their energy is what she truly enjoys through her work. Stephanie is a certified Reiki Master/Teacher and has had the honor to study under James Van Praagh for Psychic and Mediumship Development. You can listen to Stephanie live on Saturday nights as she co-hosts WBSM’s Spooky Southcoast Radio. Stephanie has made appearances on TLC, Destination America, and Syfy Channels


                     Christopher Saint Booth

Christopher Saint Booth - 11 time Award winner including Fright Night 2016 Kentucky filmmaker of the year. Producer, Director, Composer, Author and Production Designer of films, TV and documentaries for Syfy Channel, Chiller, NBC Universal, Sony Pictures, Redbox, Amazon, Destination America, Discovery, Travel Channel, Netflix, iTunes, Disney, Hulu, Vimeo, YouTube Red, Spooked Productions, At&t, Roku, Apple and foreign distributors worldwide. CEO of Spooked Productions and Twintalk Entertainment. Known for films: Dead Still (Syfy) Death Tunnel (Sony Pictures), The Possessed, Spooked, Children Of The Grave (as seen on Syfy), The Exorcist File (Redbox) and DarkPlace (Amazon)


                                 Deanna Simpson

Deanna Simpson is the owner of America’s Most Haunted Home, an extremely haunted location. Her case became a Tv viral sensation when whilst filming with Fox News at her home, their cameraman was attacked on film. Her story has been featured on The Dead Files, My Haunted House, The Haunted, Fox, CNN, NBC, and many other news agencies, and published articles.

Deanna is originally from Kentucky , but is now living in Hanover, Pa. Ever since her family moved into her current home, it has been a literal Paranormal nightmare, as her home is extremely negatively active. The home, of it’s own volition, basically refuses to be cleansed and the paranormal activity continues to this day. She currently travels the country lecturing about her Haunting and the ordeal her family has experienced. She hopes that by sharing her story she is somehow able to help other families experiencing such malicious paranormal activity.


                 Richard Estep

  Richard Estep has been a paranormal investigator for over twenty years, working cases on both sides of the Atlantic. He has appeared in the TV show "Haunted Case Files" on Destination America. Richard is the author of several books in the field of paranormal research, including 'Haunted Longmont,' 'In Search of the Paranormal,' 'The World's Most Haunted Hospitals,' 'The Haunting of Asylum 49,' and 'Spirits of The Cage: True Stories of life in a haunted witches prison.' He is currently working on books about the haunting of Fox Hollow Farm, former home of the serial killer Herb Baumeister, and The Black Monk House in Pontefract, England, scene of one of history's most intense poltergeist outbreaks. He makes his living as a paramedic, and  gives ghost tours at the historic and haunted Stanley Hotel, inspiration for Stephen King's 'The Shining.'