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                                    Tim Weisberg

Tim Weisberg is the host and co-creator of the "Spooky Southcoast" radio show, bringing the paranormal to the WBSM airwaves for over a decade. He is also an author ("Ghosts of the SouthCoast," "Haunted Objects: Stories of Ghosts on Your Shelf") and has served as writer, researcher and producer on the Destination America television series "Ghost Stalkers" and "Ghost Asylum." Tim is also the co-founder, along with Jeff Belanger, of the paranormal event company Legend Trips. Tim has been featured on The History Channel, the Travel Channel, Destination America, Discovery Channel and LIVING TV, as well as on radio programs such as "Coast to Coast AM." Tim works as a news anchor for WBSM and is also a sports writer for The Standard-Times.


                                         Tim Shaw 

Tim Shaw has been exploring the strange and unusual for most of his life. He is a psychic medium who enjoys doing both personal as well as gallery/group readings. As a Member of the Spiritualist religion Tim can trace his father’s family involvement in otherworldly communications back to the 1880’s. As such he has spent considerable time taking classes and working the summer services at the Lily Dale Spiritualist Assemble located in Western New York State. As an Ordained Minister he is available for weddings, commitment ceremonies, as well as other services. Tim is also an author having penned: The Ghosts of Buffalo; Spirits, Murder, And Mayhem in the Nickel City, The Dogma Of.....ME, Please Talk With Me, The True Story Of The C2D1 Haunting (Which was an account of one of the most devastating negative haunting in the Western New York region. It serves as the official companion book to a movie of the same name.), Co-Authored Haunted Rochester, contributed a chapter to Marla Brooks’ book Animal Spells And Magick, and a chapter in the Dark Moon Press title. Lost Whispers, A Collective Allegory Of Haunted America. As an accomplished photographer his work has been viewed at various venues as well as in E.R. Verner's "Haunted Asylums" (Rev. Shaw has also written the Introduction.) and "Haunted Prisons." As a paranormal Investigator Tim has been involved and has consulted for many cases. Tim has been featured on The SyFy Channel's Ghost Hunters (The Well of Horror), The Discovery Channel's Ghost Lab (The Betrayal/Fort Niagara), "CBS Radio"(The Wake Up Call, By The Soul, For The Soul, The Astral Bag Lady, and The Psychics Next Door), Paranormal NY, Spike Network’s Ghost Ops (Fort Mifflin/William Howe), Deftone Pictures Studio's Ombis, To Catch A Soul, and A Grim Becoming. Most recently he has been featured on Destination America’s hit show Paranormal Lockdown (The Hinsdale House episode).
Also The Award Winning Historic documentary Marsh Creek Tramp (A labor of love retracing the footsteps of Shaw’s ancestor to the Battle of Gettysburg) and Core Productions documentary John Zaffis, The World Within. As a history junkie Tim enjoys Backwoods Primitive Trekking, Flintknapping/Stone Tool Creator, Historic Re-Creations, and is an 2nd Generation Cordwainer/Leather Worker. Currently Tim is lecturing at various venues, writing, videography, and producing a webseries entitled CURIOSITY with Eric Charles.


                                     Patrick Doyle 

You may know Patrick H.T. Doyle from Syfy’s hit show, “Ghost Mine,” as the host of "Behind the Screams" on the Reelz Channel, or his new wilderness survival series, “Man vs The Paranormal” on The Dark Zone Network, but his passion (other than investigating the paranormal at some of the most dangerous locations on the planet) is writing. Patrick is the author and illustrator of best-selling books for all ages.His critically acclaimed YA series, "EDGAR FONT" has been compared to “Lemony Snicket’s: A Series of Unfortunate Events” and “The Spiderwick Chronicles,” and is being re-issued by Rothco Press ahead of a new fourth in the series. His other book titles include: "Ghosts From the Ground Up: Field Notes of a Ghost Miner," "The Ghost of Zombie," "Next Rest Stop: Earth," and "Lair of Forgotten Bears." When not working on the next adventure he spends his time lost in the wild, exploring ancient sites, traveling to places with names most can’t pronounce, and meeting interesting people with great tales to tell. You can keep track of Patrick’s activities and adventures at his official website:


                       Jason Hawes 

TAPS (The Atlantic Paranormal Society) is founded and headed by Jason Hawes. Jason and Grant met more then a decade ago with a very strong similar interest in the paranormal and formed TAPS. Since then, it has grown in size tremendously and has become one of the most respected paranormal-investigation groups in the country.

Jason is in his mid-30’s and started out as a plumber for Rotor Rooter. He is married and the father of three girls and twin sons. He loves to spend time with his family and to go deep-sea fishing and writing screenplays.

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Jason is featured on SyFy’s Ghost Hunters, has also made appearances on SyFy’s Destination Truth, Ghost Hunters Academy, Larry King Live, Ghost Hunters
International, and Late Night with Conan O’Brien.

Jason’s first Book was “Ghost Hunting” co-written with Grant Wilson. They have also written, “Seeking Spirits.”


                     Richard Estep

 Richard Estep has been a paranormal investigator for over twenty years, working cases on both sides of the Atlantic. He has appeared in the TV show "Haunted Case Files" on Destination America. Richard is the author of several books in the field of paranormal research, including 'Haunted Longmont,' 'In Search of the Paranormal,' 'The World's Most Haunted Hospitals,' 'The Haunting of Asylum 49,' and 'Spirits of The Cage: True Stories of life in a haunted witches prison.' He is currently working on books about the haunting of Fox Hollow Farm, former home of the serial killer Herb Baumeister, and The Black Monk House in Pontefract, England, scene of one of history's most intense poltergeist outbreaks. He makes his living as a paramedic, and gives ghost tours at the historic and haunted Stanley Hotel, inspiration for Stephen King's 'The Shining.'